Windows on the World 2019/20 Series

Expand your horizons!

Be a part of the fun as artists from around the world visit mid-Michigan! Join them for conversation at fun pre- and post-show events!



OCT 17 / 2019

Experience joy! The children of The African Children’s Choir program are orphans who have come into this transformative program that provides for their well-being and education, utilizing the power of music. Get swept up in the music and learn about their stories. The choir promotes beauty, dignity and unlimited ability of the African child around the world, being a voice for the millions of suffering children who cannot speak for themselves. It is an evening of inspiration, cultural sharing and fun that is not to be missed.


NOV 17 / 2019

Four guys singing, playing and sharing their passion for music, Che Apalache is a string band based in Buenos Aires with members from Argentina, Mexico and the United States. The group began as a bluegrass band, eventually incorporating Latin American styles into their repertoire. Combining instrumental prowess with tight vocal harmonies, the Argentina-based band has created an authentic blend of genres to reflect the nature of their lives.


JAN 16 / 2020

Three members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra alongside four of the finest musicians from Israel’s Arab community achieve the elusive balance of embodying two-cultures living together in harmony. Shesh Besh is a model of tolerance and mutual respect in a turbulent, violent Middle East.


FEB 26 / 2020

A rare and remarkable musical duo seamlessly blending soulful sounds and root music with insightful messages and thoughtful lyrics. Their unique mashup of vocals, and reggae-infused hip hop beats form the perfect backdrop for their relevant and inspiring music.


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