Field Trips and Additional Experiences

The Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art offers exhibit-based educational experiences for students of all ages.  Guided visits and special add-on activities must be arranged at least two weeks in advance. Admission fee varies by size, group type and exhibit experience.

Art & Science Tours GLCE Guide (click for pdf)

Museum Self-Guided Tour 

Students will explore the intersection between art & science through hands-on minds-on experiences in the Hall of Ideas and the Art Galleries. Explore the impact chemistry has on art & daily life. Experiment with weight and balance to create a kinetic model sculpture, build a wooden structure from KEVA planks, design ramps and structures with our Imagination Playground and much more!

Grade: All Ages, $5 per person

Special Exhibitions

Forever Forest

SEP 20, 2019-JAN 5, 2020

This exhibit explores how we use the forest to live, work and play, Visitors will learn about sustainability, selective harvesting, transportation needs, and the everyday products we use made from trees. Families will be able to climb the tree top climber, use a grapple skidder to maneuver logs, and play the role of a conductor or yard worker to lead and unload a train. Recommended for ages 8 and under.


Science of Sports

SEP 14, 2019- JAN 5, 2020

This exhibit, developed in partnership with the Ladies Professional Golf Association, explores the science of sports with hands-on interactive exhibits featuring hockey, baseball, golf, tennis, and racing.  Visitors will discover the physical science behind their favorite sport as they explore the impact of speed, friction, the mass of objects, and more. Recommended for ages 8 and up.



SEP 12, 2019-MAY 17, 2020

Engage in activities to experience fear in a safe and enjoyable environment. Rate your response, understand the science behind the emotion and reflect upon the personal meaning to your response. Recommended for ages seven and up.

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Tour Add-On Adventures

Art Studio – $2 per person per activity

Art Studio hands-on workshops offer students the opportunity to explore standard-aligned visual arts topics.

Three Simple Colors, Grades Preschool- 1:  Students will join us as we read Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  Following our story time, students will experiment with primary colors, simple shapes, and line as they create a unique work inspired by Piet Mondrian. 

Express Yourself, Grades 2-5: Students will be introduced to the work of Paul Klee as they explore the relationship between colors, emotions, and more.  Students will create their own self-portraits inspired by Klee.

Introduction to Printmaking, Grades 6-8: Students will learn about the techniques of printmaking as they make simple prints.  Students will draw influence from artworks of different cultures as they experiment with line and texture.

Mini Art Intensive, Grades 9-12: Students will explore subtle changes in value can have a large impact on an artwork. After examining works from various time periods and movements, students will take a deep dive into value as they create a torn paper value study.

Science Studio – $2 per person per activity

Science Studio hands-on workshops offer students the opportunity to explore standards-aligned science topics. 

Amazing Magnets , Grades Preschool-K: Students will explore the movement of objects and the basic properties of magnets during an engaging story time. After, students will create a unique magnetic work of art.

 Light Explorers, Grades 1-2: Students will discover the properties of light through hands-on exploration.  Using what they’ve learned, students will create a unique way to communicate using light.

Evolving Earth, Grades 2-4: Students will discover the many ways Earth changes from day to day, month to month, and year to year.  Along this journey, students will learn how scientists track and even try to prevent some changes!

Miraculous Matter, Grades 5-8: Students will explore the properties of matter as they explore the relationships between energy and matter.  Students will explore chemical and physical changes with hands-on experiments and engaging demonstrations.

Rocket Power, Grades 6-12: Students will learn about Newton’s Laws with interactive demonstrations.  They will put what they’ve learned to the test as they design and build their own straw rockets and send them flying.

Art & Science Connections

Students will identify the intersections found within scientific experimentation and the creative process as they explore kinetic art, sound, chemistry, architecture and design through a guided tour and hands-on classroom experience. (1 hour)

Grades: PreK – 3, $2 per person


Spark!Lab® is a unique hands-on learning lab where visitors of all ages can explore what it means to be an inventor. Participants use their knowledge and provided materials to answer open-ended challenges. Creativity and collaboration abound in this safe space where if you fail it is just a first attempt in learning! (Limit 25 students per 30 minute session, recommended grades Preschool-12)

Grades: PreK – 12

Science on Stage

Fantastic Forces: What is a force? How do they impact our world and the way it moves?  We will explore the basics of forces as we demonstrate the power of magnets, gravity and more.  We will break down Newton’s Laws as we send objects flying and perform science ‘tricks’. Demonstrations last approximated 30 minutes.

Grades: 2-8, $2 per person

Lights, Color, Action: Explore the amazing world of light and color as we experiment with prisms, filtered light and more! We will make light bend, bounce, and transform as we demonstrate how light creates the colorful world we see around us!   Demonstrations last approximately 30 minutes.

Grades: PreK-4, $2 per person

The Science of Sound: Explore the science behind sound with interactive demonstrations.  Investigate the role waves play in the creation of sound and experiment with loud vs. soft and high vs. low sounds. Demonstrations last approximated 30 minutes.

Grades: K-5, $2 per person

Magic of Electricity: Discover how electricity affects the world in all forms through electromagnets, static electricity, plasma and more. Demonstrations include the Van de Graaf generator a hair raising experience! Demonstrations last approximately 30 minutes.

Grades: 3-12, $2 per person

Sponsored by Consumers Energy

Art Gallery Tours

Join us for an engaging, discussion-based tour of our fine art galleries. Explore different artistic processes and techniques as you learn about the elements of art and principles of design.

Ages: High School to Adult, $2 per person

*Curator-led tours are available for high school and adult groups, subject to availability.