Current Exhibitions

Forever Forest

SEP 21 – JAN 12

Midland started as a lumber town with thousands upon thousands of trees. The logging industry was and still is an important resource for the entire United States. Forever Forest allows children and adults to learn, through hands-on activities, the different aspects of the forest and how it plays an important role in our lives. From the forest to your home, this exhibit helps children learn about where wood comes from, how it’s processed and transported and all the ways it can be used. This exhibit is geared for families with preschool and early elementary-aged children.

Sponsored by Dow and Three Rivers Corporation

Collegiate Faculty Art Exhibition


This exhibition features work by art faculty at three different educational institutions: Saginaw Valley State University, Delta College and Mott Community College. One of the common objectives among these schools is that they strive to help students achieve their artistic and educational goals, providing Associate and Bachelor level degrees. A variety of mediums will be showcased including but not limited to photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, graphic design and more.

Greater Michigan Solo Award Exhibit: Rebecca Zeiss


Rebecca Zeiss, is an accomplished artist and photographer who has exhibited and earned several awards in the history of her career and within the platform of the Greater Michigan Art Exhibition in recent years. Zeiss’s body of work immediately stood out as the premiere artists at the 57th Annual GMAE for this award.

Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear

NOW – MAY 17

Engage in activities to experience fear in a safe and enjoyable environment. Rate your response, understand the science behind the emotion and reflect upon the personal meaning to your response. Recommended for ages seven and up.

Sponsored by Great Lakes Loons & Arbury Insurance

Science of Sports


The Science of Sports exhibit lets children experiment with different surfaces, the aerodynamics of balls, and how the mass of a car travels on a straight or hilly road. This unique experience allows visitors to create, engage and play while learning the fundamentals of physics!

Spark!Lab® Smithsonian

Permanent Interactive Invention Space

In Spark!Lab, we believe everyone is inventive. Through hands-on activities and interactions with facilitators, children and their families will engage in the process of invention through activities that incorporate traditional science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with art and creativity. Learn more.

Upcoming Exhibitions – Check back for updates!

20/20 Vision: Seeing HERstory

JAN 25 – APR 26

Explore 20/20 Vision: Seeing HERstory as we take an in-depth view of women’s contributions to the nation and the local community that shaped the last 100 years in the U.S. See the portraits of and learn about local Michigan women making a difference today and the change makers of tomorrow. Museum admission required.

Sponsored by / Kevin and Jenny Kendrick Charitable Giving Fund, Randi and Tsune (Tsuneharu) Kawakita and Larry and Ellie Schroeder