Staff Directory

Administrative Offices: 989-631-5930

Midland Center for the Arts Administration

Terri Trotter President & CEO
Jon Loos
Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Lynn Booms Acting CFO
Bryan Jao Vice President of Performing Arts Programming & Chief Program Officer
Tina Siegmund HR, Payroll & Benefits Manager
Heath Hetherington Production Director
Katie Trzaska-Miller Community Engagement Manager
Crystal Dillard Volunteer Services Manager

Larry Salva Facilities Director
Terry Stevens Director of IT Infrastructure & Databases
Tammie Swinson Manager of Executive Affairs
Anne Canvasser
Front of House Operations
Katy Gaertner Programming Operations Manager
Christine Shattuck GL Accountant
Dan Hubbell  Sound Engineer
Eric Sweers  Lighting Supervisor & Scenic Carpenter
Samantha Johnson Retail Sales Coordinator


Kristin Gall Ticket Office Manager
Samantha Johnson
Retail Sales Coordinator & Ticket Office Assistant Manager
Nichole Toth Director of Tessitura Services

Zach Prout Ticket Office Assistant Manager
Tina Raymond Corporate Relations & Group Sales Manager


Kristen Wuerfel Director of Marketing & Communications
Julie Dukes Public Relations & Communications Manager
Kelly Nelson Graphic & Web Designer

Kristen Squires Senior Marketing Manager
Jennifer Bagnall Marketing Coordinator
Kaylee Cone Marketing Assistant


Chris Yaklin Director of Development
Heather Litle Annual Fund Manager

Tina Raymond Corporate Relations & Group Sales Manager


Kristie Corp Food & Beverage Manager
Claire Forrest Event & Sales Manager

Brian Cone Event & Facilities Use Coordinator


Jennifer Kanyo Director of Education
Sarah Brandt
Education & Studio School Manager
Mackenzie Hopkins School & Public Program Coordinator

Kristen Getzin STEM Program Coordinator
Michelle Kivi  Museum Group Sales Associate

Midland Symphony Orchestra

Dr. Matt Travis Director of Choral and Orchestral Programs
Bohuslav Rattay
Music Director

Robin Von Wald Symphony Librarian & Personnel Manager

Center Stage Theatre & Choirs

Dexter Brigham Director of Theater Programs
Dr. Matt Travis Director of Choral and Orchestral Programs
Sarah Harrington
Costume/Hair and Make Up Artist

Katy Gaertner Operations Manager
Evan Lewis Set Designer/Assistant Technical Director
Adam Niemiec Scenic Carpenter/Charge Artist

Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art

Julie Johnson Director of Museums

Emmy Mills Museum Administrator

Midland County Historical Society

Julie Johnson Director of Museums
Gary Skory Director

Crystal Laudeman Archivist