Meet the Musicians

Bohuslav Rattay, Music Director
The Josephine Ashmun Chair


Takeshi Abo**, Concertmaster
The Thomas and Vera Griswold Chair
Karel Abo*, Assoc. Concertmaster
The Gladys I. Lake Chair
Heather DeGroot**, Principal II
Sponsored by Sarah Dergazarian
Oleg Bezuglov, Asst. Principal II
Samvel Arakelyan
Melissa Everett*
Kayla Green+
Andrew Hatfield
Elaine Hunyadi**
Sinyoung Kim
Alejandro Larumbe
Erin Lawson
Susan Mercy
Andrea Rohr
Linda Ryden***
Amelia Taylor
Kyle Venlet
Yu Wang
Hsin-Ju Yu
Tatiana Zueva



Christine Beamer, Principal
Sponsored by Ken & Gina Pederson
Jessica Zelinski*, Acting Asst. Principal
Dilek Engin
Howard Jones
Ryan McDonald
Valentina Shmyreva



Cathy White***, Principal
The Phoebe Barstow Chair
James Fiste*, Asst. Principal
The Phoebe Barstow Chair
Mary Adams**
Brian Dempsey**
Jinhyun Kim
Yuliya Kim
Sara Moore
Greg Stawick*


Margaret Hasspacher, Acting Principal
The Ruth D. Stenger Chair
David Angelotti**, Asst. Principal
Susan McRae***
William Poulos
Joy Rowland
Roland Wallace***
Sponsored by Pat and John Zimmerman



Joanna Cowan White*, Principal
Kassia Martin
Cathy Webster**


Oboe/English Horn

Roger Rehm*, Principal
The Vernon A. Stenger Chair
Sarah Southard
Liz Spector-Callahan


Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

Sam Martin, Principal
Grant Von Wald**



Genevieve Beaulieu, Principal
Jennifer Dean*
Cynthia Duda



Kurt Civilette, Principal
The Robert T. Ralston Chair
Robin Von Wald**
Michael Wright
Jahn White
Claire Ross


Matthew Thomas, Principal
Sponsored by Nina & David Frurip
Jeffrey Lewandowski
James Young*



Andrew Mitchell, Principal
Sponsored by John & Amy Wilson on behalf of Abigail Wilson
Joseph Radtke*
Bryan Pokorney*



Mark Cox*, Principal
Sponsored by Sarah & Daniel Opperman



Rob Kratz, Principal



Andrew Spencer, Principal
The Tina and Philip Van Dam Chair
Kramer Milan
Chris Peeler*



Joan Holland*



Mary Jo Cox*


Librarian & Personnel Manager

Robin Von Wald**

*10-19 Service Years
**20-29 Service Years
***30+ Service Years
+MSO/CMU Undergraduate Fellow

Sponsor a Musician

Orchestras fuel local economies, attract new business developments, educate young people, and unite individuals and cultures in times of suffering and joy. Through donor support, the MSO is able to attract talented musicians from across the state to make up our fine orchestra. It takes hours of work and extensive preparation to bring our programs to the stage. Ticket sales only cover 30% of symphony program costs, making individual contributions essential to the orchestra’s future vitality. Play your part by making a tax-deductible donation in support of a musician for the season! Contact Matt Travis.

Musicians for Hire

Need music for your event? We can help connect you with MSO musicians in the area for weddings, parties, corporate functions and special events.  Contact Robin Von Wald.