Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art

Current Exhibitions

Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art LAYERED Carolyn Swift Works on Paper exhibit

Layered: Carolyn Swift Works
on Paper

July 12 – September 21, 2014

A solo exhibition awarded for excellence and innovation at the 2013 Greater Michigan Art Exhibition. Swift’s work in printmaking and collage resonate in large-scale images of power and intrigue.

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Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art Greater Michigan Art Exhibition

53rd Annual
Greater Michigan Art Exhibition

July 26 – September 21, 2014

The Greater Michigan Art Exhibition is one of the few remaining statewide juried visual arts competitions in Michigan.

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Permanent Exhibitions

Hall of Ideas

Hall of Ideas

The Hall of Ideas is a permanent interactive exhibition comprised of three levels of colorful and engaging stations tracing the spiraling evolution of civilization of this region.

“This is a source of ideas to stimulate all ages to create and appreciate the facts and feelings of life.” ~ Alden B. Dow

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ViewSpace - Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art Permanent Exhibition


Winner of the 2003 Muse Award, ViewSpace brings the wonders of celestial exploration to the Museum through recent photographs from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. (ViewSpace availability is dependent on gallery exhibition schedule).

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Midland Center for the Arts Fish Tank

Saltwater Aquarium

Over 100 fish occupy our beautiful 450-gallon saltwater aquarium, delighting visitors of all ages. MCFTA and the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library have teamed up to research information about the tank and its inhabitants. Come discover facts about the fishes’ home regions, ecology, habitat, food, symbiotic relationships and more! Visit often, because our aquarium is an ever-changing learning experience!

Located near the Information Desk, the aquarium is free and open for public viewing during building hours.

Made possible through a generous donation from David and Patti Kepler of Midland.

Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art pendulum children school tours

Foucault Pendulum

While it had long been known that the Earth rotated, the introduction of the Foucault pendulum in 1851 was the first simple proof of the rotation in an easy-to-see experiment.

At Midland’s latitude of 43.6156 degrees, our Foucault Pendulum takes about a day and half to return to its original orientation.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Mapping the Universe, photo by Michael Hannum

The Photograph: Arrival and Resolution

September 20 – December 21, 2014

This exhibition examines the work of four distinctively different artistic perspectives in contemporary photography: Greg Seman’s classic and romantic depictions of Northern Michigan landscapes and lake panoramas; Kike Calvo’s poetic photographs of the human form immersed in the world of dance; Misha Gordin’s mysterious surrealistic conceptual vision; and Michael Hannum’s enticing abstract photo-montaged compositions.

Although different in theme and approach, each photograph requires an arrival, at either, a place, a point in time or in conceptual ideation. Each then is artistically and technically manipulated and refined to its final resolution … The photograph.

Seman photographs on loan from Dennos Museum Center of Northwestern Michigan College; Gordin photographs on loan from Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan and the Dennos Museum Center; Calvo and Hannum photographs provided courtesy of the artists.

Opening Reception October 4 • 7 – 9 pm

Lois Greenfield: Resonating Fields

Lois Greenfield: Resonating Fields

September 27 – December 21, 2014

This exhibition of the photographer’s pioneering work showcases her unique vision via 50 remarkable large-scale photographs of great intrigue and remarkable technical finesse. Greenfield has spent the last 35 years of her career investigating the expressive possibilities of photographing the human form in motion, stopping time to reveal what the naked eye cannot see. Her work captures not just the acrobatic forms of dancers performing their art, but the purity and exhilaration of movement itself. Without tricks or manipulation of any kind, she catches fleeting and impossible moments in a style that is both lyrical and graphic.

“I want my photographs to defy logic. In my photographs, a split second becomes an eternity, and an ephemeral moment becomes as solid as sculpture.”
~ Lois Greenfield

Sponsored by Merrill Lynch

Opening Reception October 4 • 7 – 9 pm

Marshall Fredericks

Sketches to Sculptures, Rendered Reality:
60 Years with Marshall M. Fredericks

October 4 – December 21, 2014

This exhibition, featuring 30 bronze sculptures, several bronze reliefs, archival reproductions of 35 drawings and sketches and numerous augmenting documents and photographs, represents a 60-year body of work (1938-1998) by Marshall Fredericks. The artist worked early on as an assistant of renowned Swedish sculptor Carl Milles, himself a student of the great master sculptor Auguste Rodin. Milles’ influence on Fredericks was realized in his bold, stylized and symbolic compositions.

On generous loan from the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum at Saginaw Valley State University.

Opening Reception October 4 • 7 – 9 pm

Student Show

The Alden B. Dow Museum School
Student Exhibition

October 4 – December 21, 2014

Showcasing the creativity and craftsmanship of Museum School students who have explored self-fulfilling avenues for expression during the past year.

Opening Reception October 4 • 7 – 9 pm

Museum School Faculty Exhibition Midland Center for the Arts

The Alden B. Dow Museum School
Faculty Exhibition

January 17 – April 18, 2015

On display are the creative visions of the professional artists who teach classes at our Museum School.

Opening Reception January 24 • 7 – 9 pm

Leonardo DaVinci


Leonardo da Vinci:
man • inventor • artist • genius

January 24 – May 17, 2015

Experience genius and be inspired by one of history’s greatest artists, scientists and inventors.

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Opening Reception January 24 • 7 – 9 pm


Integrated Patterns: Structured Abstraction

April 25 – June 26, 2015

This invitational exhibition features work by artists from across the country employing extensive use of pattern, repetition, geometry and structural organization.


Between Order and Chaos: Marissa Voytenko Encaustic Paintings

April 25 – June 26, 2015

The 2014 GMAE award winner’s attraction to the mysterious and “almost-but-not-yet” yields artwork that allows the viewer to understand an image, while leaving space for wonder and thoughtful interpretation.