Kiwanis: Germany & Switzerland

Jan. 21, 2018 3:00 PM

Midland Kiwanis Club and Kiwassee Kiwanis Club presents “Germany and Switzerland” with Marlin Darrah

Ticket Prices
Adult: $10
Student: $3

Travel to Germany and Switzerland with Marlin Darrah. In Munich, where locals specialize in good living, we visit boisterous markets and go-for-Baroque palaces, while office workers surf in the Isar River. Heading into the foothills of the Alps, we tour the fairy-tale castles of “Mad” King Ludwig, and cross into Tirol to conquer a desolate ruined castle. Then we climb atop the Zugspitze, the highest point in Germany. Cruising the Rhine River, we dodge riverboat traffic and the legendary Lorelei. After climbing castles and descending into dungeons, we relax with Rhine wine. Then tour Burg Eltz, a lived-in castle where the noble lady still puts out fresh flowers. From there we travel to the walled town of Rothenberg to see Germany’s best wood carving, a vivid dose of medieval punishment, and a tour with the night watchman of the town’s lamp-lit ramparts.

Partially underwritten by Bayside Home Care.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is NOT a Midland Center for the Arts presentation.