Current Exhibitions

Giant Mysterious Dinosaurs

January 27, 2018 – May 20, 2018

The largest dinosaurs – plant-eating titans – grew larger than any creatures before or since. But why & how? Learn the answers for yourself in this interactive exhibition featuring full-sized animatronic dinosaurs, skeletons, a dig pit and even a 70-foot Mamenchisaurus skeleton!   Learn more…

Spark!Lab® Smithsonian

Permanent Interactive Invention Space

In Spark!Lab, we believe everyone is inventive. Through hands-on activities and interactions with facilitators, children and their families will engage in the process of invention through activities that incorporate traditional science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with art and creativity. Learn more.

Masters of Drawing: From Classic Realism to Abstraction  

January 27 – April 8, 2018

Drawing offers the artist the opportunity to break down personal observations and feelings, to develop a deep and personal understanding of the subject, and then to present those perceptions in their own unique way. This exhibition showcases work by some of today’s most talented and influential artists from a five-state area. From realism to abstraction, to the academic and conceptual, it will challenge the viewer to consider: What is drawing? Artists Include: Cecile Baird, Tamie Beldue, Karen Bondarchuk, Todd Burroughs, Joomi Chung, Sue Ellison, Donovan Entrekin, CJ Hungerman, Heidi Jensen, Chris LaPorte, Marc Leone, Erwin Lewandowski, Nichole Maury, Taylor Mazer, Armin Mersmann,  Bruce Samuelson, John Sabraw, Csilla Sadloch, Deborah Rockman, Nick Reszetar, Janvier Rollande, Meredith Rosier, and Robert Schefman.

Generously sponsored by Robert & Pamela Hart

Masters of Ceramics: From Functional to Sculpture

January 27, 2018 – April 8, 2018

The fifteen ceramic artists represented in this exhibit represent four states in our region. These artists have extensive backgrounds in teaching, workshops and  demonstrations throughout the world. Possibly most important is that these artists are the mentors to the next generation of ceramic artists. It is through artists like these that ceramic art is pushed  forward and more relevant in the art world today. Artists Include: Dan Anderson, Cynthia Bringle, Fong Choo, Jim Connell, Jeri Hollister, Nick Joerling, Brian Kakas, Diana Panciloi, Gail and Robert  Piepenburg, Ed and Julie Risak, Susanne Stephenson, Marie Woo, Marvin Zehnder and Jan Zender.

Generously sponsored by Robert & Pamela Hart

Nobody Barks in LA feat. Snoopy

On loan through September 2018

Tom Everhart’s most famous painting has been exhibited in prestigious museums including the Louvre, Montreal Museum of Fine Art, the Spazio Flaminio in Rome and the Johnson Space Center. 1998 | Acrylic and enamel on canvas | 96″ x 128″

Quad: Four Solo Exhibitions

April 28 – June 3, 2018

Solo exhibitions by four prestigious Michigan artists:

Valerie Allen specializes in large-scale abstract work. She has won numerous awards nationally, is a working artist for Golden Acrylics, and the curator of Studio 23, in Bay City, MI.

Stephen Grewe specializes in large-format film photography and is a faculty member of the Studio School at Midland Center for the Arts.

Frits Hoendervanger will feature an array of oil paintings. He has placed third at ArtPrize two times, and has received numerous other awards. His work is included in the collection of former President Gerald R. Ford and has been displayed in the Michigan Governor’s mansion.

Steve Parkhurst will exhibit a large variety of works, including experimental oil paintings, encaustics, and drawing. He is a faculty member of the Studio School at Midland Center for the Arts.

Opening Reception: April 28 • 7 pm

Upcoming Exhibitions – Check back for updates!