Staff Directory

Administrative Offices: 989-631-5930

MCFTA Administration

Terri Trotter
President & CEO

Linda Basque
Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Laura Argyle
Vice President of Finance & Chief Financial Officer

Tina Siegmund
Director of Human Resources / Administration

Heath Hetherington
Director of Technical Services

Bryan Jao
Chief Programming Officer

Larry Salva
Facilities Director

Terry Stevens
Director of Database Operations

Tammie Swinson
Manager of Executive Affairs

Tony Serra
House & Volunteer Services Manager


Nichole Toth
Director of Ticketing Services

Samantha Johnson
Retail Sales Coordinator & Ticket Office Assistant Manager

Tory Thompson Newberry
Ticket Office Manager

Zach Prout
Ticket Office Assistant Manager


Kristen Wuerfel
Director of Marketing

Julie Dukes
Communications Manager

Kristen Squires
Senior Marketing Manager

Jennifer Bagnall
Marketing Coordinator


Chris Yaklin
Director of Development

Heather Litle
Annual Fund Manager

Tina Raymond
Corporate Relations & Group Services Manager


Brandon Bierlein
Food & Beverage Operations Manager

Bridget Kreager
Event & Facility Use Manager


Armin Mersmann
Senior Visual Arts Curator / Studio School Manager / Artist in Residence

Debbie Anderson
Assistant Director of Education

Sarah Brandt
Education Specialist

Jennifer Bagnall
Education Program Coordinator

Midland Symphony Orchestra

Kimberly Dimond
Managing Director

Bohuslav Rattay
Music Director

Robin Von Wald
Symphony Librarian & Personnel Manager

Center Stage Theatre & Choirs

Dexter Brigham
Managing Director

Dr. Matt Travis
Music Director

Katy Gaertner
Operations Manager

Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art

Armin Mersmann
Senior Visual Arts Curator / Studio School Manager / Artist in Residence

Emmy Mills
Executive Assistant & Special Events Manager

Midland County Historical Society

Gary Skory