Set Rentals

If you’re looking for a beautiful, entertaining and affordable solution for the set of Shrek The Musical, look no further!  Center Stage Theatre is now offering the set of our September 2014 production of Shrek The Musical for rentals, both as a complete package and individual pieces.  22’ Puppet Dragon also available for rent (rented separately).

The design concept for our set is rooted in the illustrations of children’s books, and references pop-up books and fairy tale settings in a fantastical visual style. Almost every piece included in the set has some surprise awaiting your audience, whether it’s the amazing growing castle towers, the interior of Fiona’s tower, or the escape panel and breakaway window in the cathedral unit.

Our production of Shrek The Musical was a huge hit with our audiences (read local review here), and we want to share that success with you! We will work with you to ship and install our set into your theatre for thousands less than it would cost you to build it yourself.

Contact us today to get your quote and bring this wonderful set of Shrek The Musical to your theatre, and let your freak flag fly.

Please email Katy for set or puppet availability and specific pricing.

Shrek Set Rental

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